Do you need help finding the perfect location for your event? Have you checked your next city’s event calendar to see if there will be any major events taking place concurrently with your event? Any major event could potentially impact your event via traffic congestions and sold out hotel rooms. Imagine trying to get to a meeting in downtown during Comic Con weekend in San Diego.

Also, are you considering hosting an event in a new property that you have never worked with before? This can be a little worrisome. Have you thought about how the venue truly operates? Some hotels provide a better service than others. Certain venues are known to run out of food, deliver food late, and fail to have the room set up exactly as requested because they are not attentive to details. Are you getting any scary hotel images running through your head? With us, you don’t have to worry. We make sure the venue contact understands exactly what our client wants. We have our own catalogue of over 300 venues with pictures, and evaluations for each property.  Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable going to a venue that is guaranteed to take really good care of your attendees? We aim to make sure there are zero defects in your event so that all you need to do is make sure your attendees and client are entertained and happy! At SBC, Inc., we execute successful events, error and worry free!