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When we host an event we want to provide our attendees with an experience. We want this event experience to carry out positive feedback and results. The more successful and ejoyable, the more people will want to attend the upcoming meetings. So, how do you create a better experience for attendees at a meeting?

Speakers: More people will want to register for a meeting if an important figure is present. Big events host important public figures and celebrities to attract a large crowd. Moreover, your meeting can attract more people if word goes around that the speaker is absolutely humorous, knowledgeable, and provides a fantastic presentation! Be sure you have someone who will keep your attendees actively engaged.

Activity: A vast number of meetings are incorporating activities that involve corporal movement. Some have gone as far as hosting a 5K the evening before the meeting kicks off! Imagine that; working out releases endorphins so everyone can feel good about themselves and walk into the meeting with a positive attitude the next morning. Other simpler activities include morning yoga sessions and dances. If you are looking to start off a little slower, then the typical ice breaker games will give you a good start.


Gamification: Incorporate gamification into a meeting to build on the overall experience. What is gamification? Gamification is when you apply game fundamentals to a non-game context to encourage engagement with a product or service. For example, each time users complete a task, they earn badges and points that will help place them on the high ranks of the leaderboard. With creativity and inspiration, you can come up with ideas that will help everyone reach their overall business goals.