Times are now changing faster than ever with technology. New trends are appearing faster than we can keep track. So, let’s take a look at a few current event trends and ideas.

SnapChat: Free marketing anyone? With SnapChat’s “live stories” and geofilter feature you can reach a large audience fast by creating your own event promotion and transmitting it via SnapChat’s live stories. Increase awareness of your next event by using a personalized event Geofilter that will be shared amoung the friends and family of your event attendees.

Event Location: It is very traditional for a corporate event to be held at a hotel, but more people are opening up and considering other locations. Anything from casinos, amusement parks, racetracks, sports venues, to museum ships. This is an experience industry, make sure to send the attendees home with a good memory.

Participant Engagement: Meetings are now taking a more interactive approach. Meeting planners want attendees to get a greater experience out of their meetings. They are encouraging attendees to play an active role, not just sit and observe. Things such as wine classes and cooking classes are being incorporated in today’s corporate activities.

Beverage Toppers: Printed beverage toppers are edible disks that can carry the logo of your company or event. These are placed on top of hot, iced, or frozen drinks. They can be made in different colors, and enhance the detail of an event.