pexels-photo-38125-largeAre you going to be hosting an event that will require audio visual? Here are a few tips and suggestions to think about before you commit to anything.

  1. If you are working with a hotels audio visual company or their vendor, wait before you sign the audio visual agreement. Sometimes they will give you these contract during the hotels meeting space contract, but you should know it is okay not sign the AV proposal until you reach the BEO stage with the hotel. *This is if you will only require basic equipment
  2. Read every clause on the contract. Be especially careful of this when using an outside AV vendor
  3. You can negotiate clauses -if you don’t feel completely comfortable about something, let your contact know. More likely than not they will be willing to help you out. If they can’t change anything, at least you will get a clear explanation from them and you can walk away knowing you tried
  4. Know if the venue has a loading dock –
    • Will your shipments be able to fit from the dock to the venue space?
    • Are there any limitations for pallets entering the meeting room?
    • Storage? Does the hotel have enough space to store your materials?
  5. Ask if technical assistance comes included in package price. Make sure you know what your package offers beyond what is listed. Sometimes a package may be more beneficial than a la carte selection or vice versa.